Fitted Kitchens.

The process of purchasing a new Kitchen, what you can expect and what to avoid.

So, you have decided that your old, tired kitchen is ready for updating. This section of the website is to explain the process involved and give some valuble information that should not only save you money but also help you to avoid experiencing a "Kitchen Nightmare".

The Quote

The first stage is to obtain a number of quotes from different Kitchen companies, whether it be major high street retailers or small independant Kitchen showrooms. Notice the phrase "number of quotes". You will need to arrange for at least three different retailers to give a quote, four or five is even better. Although this can be extremely time consuming, it will be time well spent. Remember to get your quotation broken down into the cost for the kitchen and the cost for fitting, Why ? Read This then click your browsers back button to return here.

The best places to go for your quotes are the ones that have been recommended to you, ask friends, family, neighbours and use the internet try to find someone who has had or knows someone who has recently had a kitchen Fitted. Maybe you have seen a skip outside a house down the road, you can tell from its contents that a new kitchen has been fitted. Go and knock on their door and ask politely. What was their experience? Did they get everything the Kitchen Designer promised? What about the Kitchen Fitters, did they produce quality work? Do they think they got value for money? Overall, would they recommend them without hesitation? To view our testimonials Click Here.

Note: This method of choosing your Kitchen supplier still isn't infallable, just because one customer has had a good experience doesn't necessarily mean that all customers have. There are no 100% guarantees but, in my opinion, this is the only way to give yourself the best chance possible for a trouble free experience. It is also worth remembering that everyone makes mistakes, be it a discrepency in the Kitchen design or items not delivered due to an oversight. It is how quickly these mistakes are remedied that makes a huge difference. We fitted a Kitchen at the begining of May 2010 which was supplied by a company based in Oldham (I won't be naming names here) all seven 600mm wide doors were missing from the delivery. The customer was to telephone me as soon as he had recieved them so we could go back to finish off his Kitchen, his phone call didn't come until August ! That was three months with only half the doors on his Kitchen, and yes, he was asked to pay all the money up-front. This type of service is not acceptable.

Kitchen Designer or Kitchen Salesman ?

This is an easy question. The simple answer is, both but mainly Salesman. After choosing at least three companies from which you will obtain quotes, arrangements will be made for a Kitchen designer to come to your home to take measurements in order for a design to be drawn up. Even if you are very competant with a tape measure do not take along your own measurements to the Kitchen Showroom for them to create a design from. If any of your dimensions are incorrect, and this only comes to light at the fitting stage, it will be down to you as you supplied the measurements. This type of set back could mean ordering new units and doors which in turn is a greater expense costing you more money, not to mention the time delay.

If the Designer measures incorrectly then it is the fault of the company and it is their duty to put right at their own expense, however, this shouldn't really happen as a good Kitchen retailer will also perform a survey. This is a second visit to your home by someone to perform a "check measure" and go through all the details of your kitchen including any accessories, the type of door, lighting, handles etc. etc. The Survey only happens when you have agreed with a retailer that they are going to be supplying your new kitchen.

The oldest trick in town.

Please don't fall for one of the oldest sales techniques around. Some disreputable retailers still employ this trick and it isn't just for Kitchens, it can be anything from UPVC windows to concrete driveways. I personaly don't think it happens anywhere near as often as it used to but, it definately does still happen. Heres the scenario.... You live in an average three bed semi, the kitchen is of an average size for that type of house. The Kitchen Designer (in this case, Salesman) is at your home. His first job is to create a raport with you so, for the first twenty minutes or so he is having a friendly chat. He's finding out what you do for a living, what your hobbies are, maybe even your favourite film. Hopefully for him/her you have something in common because then you are friends.

He/She takes measurement of your Kitchen and you go through all the brochures and maybe look at some door samples. They get a design down on paper or via a Laptop and proceed to work out a price. By this stage they could have been in your house for upwards of three hours! (this is all part of the technique) Here it comes... "So, the price for all those units and doors and everything else we have spoken about will be £15,000" You are horrified, you didn't know a new Kitchen would cost this amount, but wait....."However, we are doing a special promotion in your area and if you sign up tonight, we can offer it to you at a discounted price of only £11,000 What do you think ? I'm sure you agree that this is a great saving isn't it" You tell them that it is a good saving but it is still too much for you. Thats when they make a phone call to their Manager and explain that you are great people and he wants to help you as much as he can. They ask thier Manager if there is any way the price of the Kitchen can be brought down further. Guess what, it can. Now you can have it all for £8,000 but you have to sign for it now. They have just created a need. It is still more expensive than you thought but, how can you pass up this great offer ?

In truth, a more realistic price for the Kitchen would actually have been around £5000. If you had said yes to the first offer of £15,000 this guy would have been laughing all the way to the bank. They basically follow a script, the phone call to the manager is done at every customers home. If you had signed up on their best offer, you are still going pay £3,000 over the odds !