Kitchen Fitters.

The best advice I can give for finding a good kitchen fitter is to source your own, simply because you will save money. Heres why...

All major high street retailers charge you a certain amount to purchase a Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom. This price as we all know is made up of - The cost of materials/manufacture, overheads(wages etc) and profit. The thing that may suprise you is this... You buy a new Kitchen from Joseph Bloggs DIY Superstore. The kitchen on its own is £3,000 if you would like Joseph Bloggs DIY to perform the Kitchen fitting as well, the total cost is £4,500 so, Fitting is £1,500 Whilst talking to the Kitchen fitters during installation you find that they are getting £900 ! So where is the other £600 going? Well, it is an extra slice of profit for Joseph Bloggs DIY. They have basically charged you an extra £600 for making a phone call and booking the Fitters for you!

Finding a good Kitchen Fitter

Just as written in the Kitchens Info section about how to select a retailer for your units. The same applies here for kitchen fitters. It is all about recommendations I personally wouldn't employ anyone to carry out any work at my home unless they were recommended to me either by someone I know or by conducting my own research online..... we hope the information contained within this website will not only help in your quest to find a good kitchen supply company and a reputable kitchen fitter but, also to show that we have the knowledge, experience and excellent reputation required in order to be on your shortlist. If we do not operate in your area you can visit here UK Kitchen Designers to find a comprehensive directory of Kitchen Fitters and Kitchen Designers.

After finding the details of a kitchen fitter it is time to contact them for a quotation. This is best done on-site at your home with a copy of the kitchen plans / design to hand where any obvious problems will be spotted straight away by the kitchen fitters. Don't be tempted to get a quote over the telephone by stating the number of units and how many worktop joints there will be etc, etc. This type of quote should only be regarded as an estimated price, you are in danger here of not been quoted enough and the price rises accordingly during the kitchen installation when the kitchen fitters come across something you didn't mention, or, the estimate will be too high to start with as the kitchen fitter is adding a certain amount on, to cover himself just in case. As stated above, a proper and acurate quote can only be done by looking at the kitchen plans and the room it's self. Whilst talking to any kitchen fitter it will become apparent quite quickly whether or not they know what they are talking about. Ask lots of questions regarding your kitchen and any queries you may have, a good Kitchen fitter will have solutions and answers for all of them.

If your chosen Kitchen Fitter has performed previous work in your area, ask if you can take a look at it or at least ask for contact details for some of their previous customers. If they have nothing to hide then this shouldn't be a problem. If previous customers are completely satisfied with their work and are happy owners of a brand new professionaly installed kitcken then they will also be only too glad to tell you so and give a recommendation for the Kitchen fitters. When all is said and done a good Kitchen fitter isn't driven by money he, as we are, is driven by the customer experience that he can offer. This is the only way to obtain repeat work - through recommendation.