The process of Kitchen Fitting and what you should expect as a customer.

The following describes the process of fitting a kitchen. All kitchen Fitters do things a little differently but the order of work will more or less be the same, it is the end result that counts so please only use this as a general guide. It will help to you understand, not only what work is involved at what stage but also what you should expect from your Kitchen fitters.

You, as a customer will be expected to have all kitchen units and drawers emptied ready for the kitchen fitters arrival, usually monday morning. On arrival the most important thing is to fill up the kettle before turning the water supply off at the stop tap (we do like a cup of tea !) Most importantly, you should expect to be without any services in your kitchen for approximately three days and sometimes longer. There will be no Hob, Sink or oven. These items can only be fitted after certain stages of the kitchen fit have been completed. For example... the sink and hob cannot be installed until the worktops have been fitted.... the worktops cannot be installed until the kitchen units have been fitted etc, etc. Every now and again on some contract/trade jobs I still get customers asking me, on a monday morning.... "will the sink be back on today ?" This is a case of the designer(salesman) not explaning the process fully.

Genarally, we will only have the water turned off at the stop tap for a couple of hours and it will only be turned off once during the whole installation. There will be no need to fill pots and pans or buckets with water. After this two hour period where alterations to the pipework in the kitchen are made, the water supply to the rest of your home will be reinstated and not interrupted again.

Please note: This website is currently been updated. More information will be added over the next few days.